April 9, 2023

Gym 22: The first boutique gym in Teesside

gym 22

In the active heart of Teesside, Gym 22 rises as a beacon of health and community spirit, all set within an inviting space that champions fitness at every level. This local gym is not just a place to work out — it’s a space where individuals can transform and thrive. At the heart of its meteoric rise is a partnership with Middlesbrough Marketing, lending Gym 22 a vibrant digital presence that echoes the energy found in the gym itself.

Introducing Gym 22

Born from the dream of a former salesman turned personal trainer, Gym 22 embodies the spirit of determination and transformation. Situated in Teesside, the gym offers more than just state-of-the-art equipment; it provides a nurturing community for fitness enthusiasts at every stage of their journey. It’s a place where health goals are not just reached, but exceeded.

gym 22

Collaboration with Middlesbrough Marketing

When it came to forging a digital identity that matched its vibrant physical presence, Gym 22 turned to Middlesbrough Marketing. Our role was clear: to craft a digital space and marketing strategy that reflected the gym’s mission and energy.

Website Development

We created a user-friendly website that serves as a digital entrance to the welcoming atmosphere of Gym 22. Visitors can easily find information on available fitness programmes, get to know the passionate team behind the gym, and even catch a glimpse of the state-of-the-art facilities waiting to welcome them.

Local SEO

Making Gym 22 a well-known name in the Teesside area was one of our foremost goals. Through targeted local SEO strategies, we have worked to ensure that locals find Gym 22 at the top of their search results, connecting the community with a space truly designed for them.

Email Marketing

To foster a deeper connection between Gym 22 and its members, we initiated a heartfelt email marketing strategy. Regular newsletters now keep the community informed, offering health tips, gym updates, and spotlighting member success stories, creating an ongoing conversation that extends beyond the gym’s walls.

gym 22 teesside
gym 22 teesside

Looking ahead

With a dynamic website and a steadily growing online presence, Gym 22 stands tall in the Teesside fitness scene, ready to welcome fitness enthusiasts of all levels into its nurturing fold. The journey is far from over, as Middlesbrough Marketing continues to support Gym 22’s digital voyage, enhancing its local footprint with sustained SEO efforts and engaging email narratives.

Reflecting on this collaborative journey, we at Middlesbrough Marketing take pride in elevating a local business that champions health and community. Gym 22 isn’t just a client; it’s a testament to what passion coupled with digital expertise can achieve. We look forward to nurturing this partnership, helping Gym 22 reach new heights one digital stride at a time.

Stay tuned as we continue showcasing local gems of Teesside, embodying stories of passion, determination, and community spirit.