Sterling Timber Frame

Case overview

Sterling Timber Frame, a stalwart in the timber construction industry, teamed up with us to enhance its digital footprint. Tasked with the development of a new website, we embarked on a journey to construct a digital space that mirrors the quality and craftsmanship STF is renowned for. This case study delves into our collaborative process and the monumental results achieved through it.

sterling timber frame
sterling timber frame

The Brief

The objective was clear — to build a website that stands as a virtual embodiment of Sterling Timber Frame’s commitment to excellence in the timber construction industry. The new site needed to convey the company’s expertise, experience, and quality of work, serving as a potent tool to attract potential clients.

sterling timber frame

Our Approach

With a rich history of providing exceptional services in the timber frame industry, Sterling needed a website that does justice to their craftsmanship. Here’s how we approached this critical task:

  • Website Development: Our team embarked on a mission to develop a website that mirrors the sterling reputation of STF. The intuitive design incorporated a blend of modernity with a rustic, timber-accented aesthetic, presenting a perfect harmony of tradition and innovation.

The Results

The Sterling Timber Frame website has turned into a digital showcase of their mastery in the timber frame construction industry.

The launch of the new website has seen a tremendous response, with an increase in engagement and inquiries from potential clients. The project galleries have become a focal point, allowing visitors to witness the intricate details and supreme quality that Sterling Timber Frame offers, hence fostering a stronger trust in their craftsmanship.